250 2-Minute Fun Brain Teasers, Logic Puzzles, Riddles & Trivia Games, Volume 1

250 2-Minute Brain Teasers Vol1

Activity book for adults, kids & teens with math riddles, logical puzzles, questions and answers

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Brain Teasers with Word Riddles, Math Riddles Logic Puzzles and Trivia Challenges

A book of mental exercises with brain teasers that challenge your brain with word riddles, number and logic puzzles, helping to boost your brain’s activity. Organized with an increasing level of difficulty from easy to challenging, there are 250 puzzles, brainteasers, trivia quizzes and word games that are engaging, fun, frustrating and designed to keep your mind sharp, reducing risk of dementia, daily boredom and improving memory and concentration. Hours of fun-filled enjoyment with questions and answers that develop your problem-solving skills in logic, math and word problems


✓ 250 Logic Puzzle Questions and Answers – That on average can take 2 minutes to complete, but time really depends upon the individual so this is our suggested average and some may take a longer or shorter time

✓ Easy to Use – Answers are hyperlinked and so are questions from the answer area, to allow you to flip back and forth quickly

✓ Skip Ahead Labels – Questions are identified by type so that you can easily find the challenges you enjoy and then go back for the others!

✓ Different Questions – The order of the questions will not have similar questions one after the other, both to provide you with variety and to keep interest high

✓ No Paper Required – The math questions are designed so that you can do them in your head and do not require a pad to figure them out, also using your short-term memory to keep variables in the proper order

✓ All Levels – Wide variety of questions for all levels and members of the family

Types of Questions

  • License Plate word puzzles
  • Map Puzzles
  • Code Breaking Puzzles
  • Word Riddles
  • Acronyms & Euphemism
  • Trivia Knowledge
  • Number Mazes
  • Math Patterns
  • and more!!!

Hidden Benefits Of The Book 

By doing the questions you will enhance your:

  1. Critical Thinking
  2. Logical Thinking
  3. Attention to Detail
  4. Memory Development
  5. Memory Recall


  1. There will often be a pattern or partial completions that will permit you to get to the answer without necessarily having to complete the full puzzle.
  2. Look for patterns that can only be solved one way, and then follow through on the rest of the question.

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