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PRESS RELEASE – MindMelds Vol2, World Edition Released

February 11, 2021  – PDF version of Press Release can be downloaded at this link.

2nd Book in the MindMelds Series of 295 Fun Brain Teasers, Logic Puzzles, Visual Puzzles, Quiz Games, Riddles & Trivia

Kewl Active Minds imprint is pleased to announce that it has released its second MindMelds, World Edition book of 295 brain teasers, logic puzzles, visual puzzles, quiz games, riddles & trivia with availability in paperback and ebook formats on AMAZON, Google PLAY, Apple iBOOKS and ETSY. The book is 143 pages in an easy to carry six by nine inch format.

With book sales in the U.K., U.SA, Canada, France, Germany, Spain and Japan by KewlActiveMinds resulted from the frustration and isolation of the COVID pandemic to keep Minds Active! In addition to the MindMelds series, KewlActiveMinds also publishes a HomeSchoolReady series of workbooks and worksheets for ages 6-10, grades 2, 3 and 4.

According to Teresa Marek, co-author of the MindMelds books:

We experienced a need for “Keeping Minds Active and Engaged” that became the slogan for our books, backed up by clinical research that completing puzzles on a regular basis can have positive mental health benefits! As well engaging in fun activities is associated with better emotional health, where challenging activities are a great alternative to video game / screen time for family bonding opportunities.”

Teresa Marek, Co-Author of MindMelds Vol2, World Edition

For more information please contact us and/or visit our website.

MindMelds Vol 1, World Edition – ISBN Paperback: 978-1-7775378-0-7, ISBN eBook: 978-1-7775378-1-4, Pages: 144

MindMelds Vol 2, World Edition – ISBN Paperback: 978-1-7775378-2-1, ISBN eBook: 978-1-7775378-3-8, Pages: 143

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