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Happy Mind = Healthier Brain

Workout and tone the most important part of your body, your mind!

MindMeld Brain Teasers & Puzzles

Fun and varied challenges to keep the brain active that are enjoyable to solve.

WorkBooks & WorkSheets

Challenging and engaging content to engage and encourage learning for 6-10 years of age.

Knowledge Base Support

Sample Chapters, Instruction, Hints and Answers to assist in putting our books to use.

Daily MindMelds

Brain Teasers from our Books and Experimental Puzzles that we are working on – We welcome your comments!

KewlActiveMinds - MindsMeld Word Riddle Brain Game Brain Teaser

Daily MindMeld #115 – Word Riddle

Puzzle (Answer below) Bob was murdered on a Saturday afternoon. His wife said she was...

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KewlActiveMinds Mindsmeld Logic Puzzle Brainteaser Brain Game

Daily MindMeld #114 – Logic Puzzle

Puzzle (Answer below) What is the Missing Letter? Last Week’s Puzzles with Answers Skills ....

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KewlActiveMinds Mindsmeld Visual Puzzle Missing Piece Puzzle Brainteaser Brain Game

Daily MindMeld #113 – Missing Piece Puzzle

Puzzle (Answer below) Can You Find the Missing Piece? Last Week’s Puzzles with Answers Skills...

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Samples and Information

We want to Make You Think, to Learn and to be Challenged – Growth Through Achievement.


Amazing logic and brain teaser book!

Just received our 5 copies today and we LOVE these. Not only will these make perfect stocking stuffers, but they are compact and will fit into a purse or bag easily to take with you wherever you go. The complexity of the brain teasers and logic puzzles are great across the age spectrum and can be enjoyed by young and those young at heart. We love the unique nature of this book and are really hoping Teresa and Andrew come up with a Part 2 and beyond. Highly recommend!!!

Christina G

Amazon Customer

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