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What’s Your Interior Design Style?

I love a farmhouse style for our home while my husband is still trying to figure out what shiplap is! Navigating through a variety of design styles can be a lot of fun, especially when it involves two people who have their distinct tastes. It is a process of elimination and if you know what you like, or move towards a specific look or style, you can figure out what it is that you want the interior of your home to look like. Several design styles are easily identifiable but there are always emerging styles that the design industry creates and evolves. Let’s outline some of the most current interior design styles to help you decide what it is you want!

KewlActiveMinds Thinking Style Bohemian

A Run Down Of Design Styles

One of the most common design styles that have sustained its appeal is the Traditional design style. This style is set deep in heritage and traditional furniture that has not changed for hundreds of years. A formal style that is based on symmetry and structure and that is easily adapted, the Traditional design style fits into a variety of interiors. Walls are usually white and accented with bold, dark rich jewel tones. There is also plenty of wood. It’s not a boring design style! A large library with hundreds of books is a great example of the feel of the traditional design style. 

The complete opposite of the Traditional design style is the Modern design. Modern style is often seen as stark and cold, but is very much based on shapes, natural materials, and earth colors. Unnecessary details are not part of a modern style interior. In other words, knick-knacks are out! This design style evolved around the turn of the 20th century. This design style should not be confused with a Contemporary design style. 

KewlActiveMinds Thinking Style Contemporary

Color and Furniture Are Key To All Design Styles

Speaking of Contemporary style, this interior design style has its roots in simplicity, sophistication and the use of textures and clean lines. Neutrals, black and white are the color palettes that ground contemporary designed interiors, that can be accented with bright and bold colors. 

Boho, short for Bohemian has become one of the most popular design trends in the last few years even though its roots go far back. This interior design style is all about natural elements combined with bright deep colors. Caning, bamboo and lots of layers are key elements to the Boho look. The feel is fun and the general look is very much a layered look. 

A more refined version of Boho is Eclectic design. This design style is a combination of many elements that somehow come together and work! Key elements include a mixture of patterns and textures, a mixing of old and new and adding accents that are unique and not matchy-matchy. It is important not to overcrowd a room when designing in the eclectic style otherwise it will look like just a bunch of stuff in a room!

KewlActiveMinds Thinking Style Eclectic

Modern Farmhouse, The Latest Design Trend

This article will end where it began with the Modern Farmhouse design style (Featured Image). This style has become extremely popular with the HGTV show Fixer Upper featuring Joanna and Chip Gaines, who incidentally have built the Magnolia empire that takes the farmhouse look and makes it attainable to consumers through their curated furniture, accents and of course food! This design style is not a rustic look but one that features first and foremost neutral colored walls, usually covered or accented with shiplap. Here is that word again. Shiplap is a tongue and groove wood or MDF wall siding, usually painted white and applied in a horizontal or vertical position. Additional elements of this very popular design style include wood accents, the use of black and white, painted furniture accents and metal in the form of wire baskets and accents. This design style is comfortable and is best described as a sophisticated rustic style. 

We have only scratched the surface when it comes to interior design styles. There are so many more including Coastal, Scandinavian, Minimalist and Industrial to name a few more. What is important to consider when deciding what your interior design style your home will represent is how you intend to live in your home. Yes, it’s great to have a museum-like interior but if you have four children, chances are you won’t be able to keep up with the maintenance! A home should be a reflection of you, your family and most importantly, your comfort and lifestyle! Happy designing!

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