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Brain Teasers, KewlActiveMinds Workouts for Your Brain

KewlActiveMinds Brain Teasers Logic Puzzle

What Are Brain Teasers?

When we think of brain teasers we often think of having some fun trying to solve a puzzle or a riddle, but there‚Äôs more to a brain teaser. Brain teasers can also include anagrams, illusions, math problems and more that can be enjoyed by both children, teens and adults. In the midst of the Pandemic, game nights have risen in popularity and with that so has the interest in brain teasers. 

KewlActiveMinds Brain Teasers Games

Benefits of Brain Teasers

Brain teasers are not just about having some fun. They have associated health benefits! To start, brain teasers keep your mind sharp. When you use your mind to solve a variety of puzzles, it gives you the ability to develop your thinking. Consider it a workout for your mind and brain. As you solve a variety of different types of brain teasers, your mind becomes more active, stronger and sharper.

KewlActiveMinds Brain Teasers Visual Puzzle

A New Way To Think

In addition to improving your cognitive skills, brain teasers enable your brain to use different tools or parts of the brain to solve a problem. Your brain learns to think differently from your day to day activities to solve the presented puzzles, ultimately helping you to continue to develop your thinking and solving skills. Don’t waste precious time doing nothing when you have the chance to fill that time solving a riddle, brain teaser or puzzle, providing a benefit to your brain health every time. Brain teasers books are readily available and can be easily tucked away in a purse or bag to be retrieved at any time. 

Exercises for the Brain

Brain teasers and puzzles force your mind to think and learn in a much different way in comparison to regular learning. By keeping the brain fit like working other muscles in your body, a healthy brain can help you with your day to day activities. Remembering appointments, people’s names or even a grocery list can all be helped with a fit mind. The next time you solve that math riddle, remember that it will help you to purchase apples at the grocery store!

KewlActiveMinds Brain Teasers Puzzles

Creative Thinking

Solving puzzles, riddles and brain teasers also involve lateral thinking. This way of thinking involves using creative and indirect reasoning that is not usually obvious. It involves coming to solutions that may not be otherwise achieved using regular logic. This enables us to develop our creative thinking. This can benefit us in our day to day living as well including social interactions, decorating our homes or even cooking a meal!

Finally as mentioned in this article, 2020 and 2021 have challenged everyone as a result of the Global Pandemic. Life can be challenging and overwhelming in the best of times, never mind the effects of a pandemic on the mind. Brain teasers, puzzles and riddles have allowed us to focus on some positive activities, keeping our minds active and allowed us to stay busy. There is nothing more satisfying than to solve a puzzle or solve a riddle!

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