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Ages 6-8, includes Math – Subtraction Lessons

Comprehensive content reflecting yearly curriculums. Benefits of completing workbook questions include potential enhancement of your child’s comprehension, active use and development of:


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+4000 Questions: Content with Answer Keys, Timing and Scoring, Helpful Hints Paperback

Objectives & Strategies.

Utilizing Game Theory concepts, KewlActiveMinds(TM) practice worksheets are immersive self-study tools that encourage and stimulate your child’s mind while at the same time letting them have fun learning! Each section is devoted to a specific task, has a structured format to avoid distractions and short enough problems to hold attention. Very easy to use and understand to teach your child with simple, clear lessons and easy to follow exercises, presented in an interactive way. A fun, but challenging approach to plant the seeds of eagerness to learn and to keep your child’s mind sharp. Use daily, a page or two, to keep your child engaged, not taking too long so children don’t get bored while building a child’s capabilities and confidence! It’s a great addition to regular learning routines and a good method for parents to cope with distance learning.

You Are Not Alone!

The books are designed to be easy to use with questions sequentially numbered and Answer Keys at the end of each Part to allow you to flip back and forth quickly. QR Codes designed to be snapped with your smartphone take you to Parent Resources that provide additional support! There are hours of fun-filled enjoyment with questions and answers to develop skills in math.

Bonus Content

1. Success Tracking Sheet – A recording sheet is included to help track a child’s progress through the book and for individual sections, as a useful feedback mechanism for parent and child that can show how they progress over time.
2. Parts Quizzes – Mixed question quizzes are included at the end of every Part to see how well your child has grasped the concepts throughout the material, as an additional feedback mechanism to measure their success.
3. Downloadable Resources – You can use clear sheet overlays to preserve the practice worksheets and download additional Tracking Sheets from online documentation as a means of cost-effective use of learning resources.


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