MindMelds Vol2, World Edition

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Brain Teasers, Puzzles & Riddles for Everyone!

Do you enjoy solving Puzzles? Finding solutions to Riddles? Or trying Brain Teaser? Solve problems and think outside the box with our second book, with a World Edition collection of brain teasers, puzzles and riddles for all ages.

  • FUN FOR ALL AGES – No special skills required to solve the puzzles, with answers for all.
  • 3 CHALLENGE LEVELS – Questions are mixed throughout the book so non one is left out.
  • SHARPENS THINKING SKILLS – Both sides of your brain will be stimulated in solving problems.
  • MEMORY BUILDING – Through concentration and focus you will exercise your memory.


295 Questions and Answers, including Brain Teasers, Logic Puzzles, Visual Puzzles, Quiz Games, Riddles and Trivia, for all ages!

With games and challenges that can be enjoyed any-where and by anyone, including lots of novelty, variety, and increasing levels of challenges, there are valuable benefits related to doing word and number puzzles for mental health and cognition. Studies have confirmed that increased frequency of engaging mentally challenging activities, the better the speed and accuracy of performance of certain cognitive tasks, including attention, reasoning, and memory. Research suggests that regular use of word and number puzzles can assist brains working better for longer. Keeping a mind active can potentially help to reduce declines in thinking-related skills, and there’s no better feeling than successfully completing a puzzle!


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