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Daily Mind Meld #49 – Visual Puzzle

KewlActiveMinds Minds Melds #49 Brain Teaser Visual Puzzle

Did you know?

Brain teasers and games are helpful in improving concentration, pattern recognition and visual perception

Cited in: https://wholenewmom.com/brain-games-for-kids/

Actually the above article identified additional benefits of brain teasers as being a great alternative to typical video games / screen time that many individuals and families resort to as a matter of habit. They can be a fun activity to put an end to a stressful day or as a bonding opportunity after dinner. In this sense to the extent a puzzle is shared amongst and with others, communication skills and socialization is enhanced, which are also elements of good health and a healthy lifestyle! So challenge on!

PUZZLE: Which arrow is out of phase?

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Attention to Detail, Pattern Identification



Arrow in the 7th row, 7th column.

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