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Daily Minds-Meld #51 – Logic Puzzle

Kewl Active Minds MindsMeld #50 Brain Teaser Logic Puzzle

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“Puzzles play with words, numbers, shapes, and logic in a way that impels us to uncover the solutions that they hide,” Danesi says. “We are thus engaged in a mental hunt for something, much like a detective in mystery stories or a scientist looking for the reason behind some phenomenon … ”

Marcel Danesi, professor of semiotics and anthropology at Victoria College, University of Toronto

Logic puzzles have similarity to jigsaw puzzles in requiring participants to figure out how pieces fit or in this case action takes place. Thinking outside the box and creating new solutions is encouraged through these puzzles, as simply by posing the question the reader knows that the answer is not likely the obvious one. These challenges are thought to improve visual and spatial reasoning skills, that potentially could utilize both sides of the brain. Imagination is required along with reasoning skills, that in the result can see complete brain activation. These activities may be able to translate into cognitive improvements, through use of the brain and putting it into action, consistent with the “Use It, or Lose It” model of brain health management.

Puzzling Brain Benefits, Redux of Aging Effects

While it is suggested that logic puzzles benefit all ages, such may be particularly suitable for older brains. These puzzles enable and often require, lateral thinking that could awaken dormant neural pathways (see – https://supercarers.com/blog/games-for-elderly/), where the cited article goes further in extending benefits of playing brain games to include a reduction or deceleration of negative mental effects related to old age. So let’s get on with is, get active and challenge your mind!

PUZZLE: Which way is the boat going?

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The boat is going to the right as the waves are pushing against the boat from the left and there the boat is making no waves of its own so it is not under power.

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