Daily MindMeld #83 – Departure Signs

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Use the Airport desigmnati

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Did you know?

Did you know that there are two types of ice? What are these? Land ice and sea ice. Land ice is made of fresh water and sea ice is made of salt water. But that is not all. Sea ice contains alot of salt. Inside this ice, salt is compressed into pockets that contain a high amount of saline. Eventually the pockets melt and the brine that is created as a result will create channels in the ice. The liquid that will eventually flow out making fresher sea ice. Sounds a bit complicated but it’s interesting!


What are the Scrambled Airport Destinations?

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Attention to Detail, Critical Thinking, Trivia Knowledge/Recall


Toronto, YYZ; Los Angeles, LAX; Detroit, DTW; San Francisco, SFO; New York City (LaGauardia), LGA

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