Daily MindMeld #82 – Word Puzzle

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Consider the category when looking for solutions as if a “puzzle” that suggests that pieces of the question add up to or form the answer or parts thereof.

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Did you know?

Did you know that dimples are small indentations on your skin. Dimples can appear on the cheeks, chin and sometimes on the lower back. Dimples are created as a result of a muscle called zygomaticus major. This muscle is involved in raising the corners of your mouth when you smile. People who have dimples have the zygomaticus major divide into two sets of muscles. One bundle connects to the corner of the mouth while the other connects below the corner of the mouth and the skin above it. As a result when you smile in this particular instance, the movement of the skin over the zygomaticus major muscle will cause the formation of the dimple.



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“Heroine” – He, Her, Hero and Heroine.

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