Daily MindMeld #81 – Word Riddles

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Riddles by their nature deal with what is not so obvious. So when trying to think out a riddle, consider parallel solutions where the clues are transposed into non-literal meanings (e.g. when numbers stand for something else).

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Did you know?

Sloths are intriguing mammals and because of their slowness are often labeled as being lazy. Considered to be the slowest mammal in the world, they live upside down. Did you know that their internal organs such as their liver and spleen are arranged so that they can function as this mammal hands upside down. Another interesting fact is that sloths don’t do well on the ground but in the water can hold their breathe up to 40 minutes. How neat is that!



Critical Thinking, Trivia Knowledge/Recall


10 has two numerals and Seven has two syllables while the others only have one!

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